Islamic Consciousness — A whole (new)way forward for Humanity

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Salam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh. This is the first in a series of articles which will be published on this page by NASFAT 33 Pages Walk Youth Branch. The purpose of these articles are to enlighten us on our faith and give us a conscious path forward in rapidly-changing and disruptive times.

A New World

Wow — COVID 19 has changed the world forever. Millions all over the world have been impacted by a virus which virtually no one saw coming. From lost jobs and loved ones to an increase in loneliness and isolation, not to mention the general mood of negativity, everyone has been impacted by the virus directly or indirectly.

But wait — if you haven’t been directly impacted by it, then what’s the big deal about COVID anyway, you might ask? Why don’t we wait for it to just pass and return to “normal”? Well, was the previous “normal” ever really “normal”? Or we we spiritually blind to the islamic consciousness of our human existence? A blindness which was enabled and supported by a rampant materialistic lifestyle — giving us the impression we could remain blind forever and never be forced to “look inward”.

Maybe this is what COVID is afterall — a chance to finally look inward. A mini Yaomul-Qiyamah if you like — a reckoning for each of us. Of course, looking inward is too scary for many of us — we long for a return to the distractions of days gone by: Social Media, Work & Pursuit of Money, Consumerism and whatever it is we were attached to. If COVID is a reckoning, then every reckoning should force you to confront yourself and steady or correct your course of action, while affirming what The/Your truth is.

In order to arrive at a truthful and correct view of what the way forward is, it follows then that we’ll have to examine two things: Life Before COVID & The Qur’an. We’ll examine these two in detail and examine how they fundamentally describe our reality as human beings. Through these discussions, it is expected that the light of Islamic Truth will reveal itself and will shine a clear path for all of us to follow Post-COVID.

مع السلامه

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